ADAS Data Collection and Test Drive

We use current series production vehicles to safely and responsibly collect test data for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle development.


What we do

Full Service Working Package

- Data privacy policies (GDPR)
- Security risk control
- Data backup process
- Interfaces & logistics process
- Equipment installation & configuration
- Project documentation preparation
- Training of Operators
- Calibration testing
- Project specific drivers’ trainings
- Country & region planning
- Route & Tour Planning
- Special approvals to collect test data.
- Car preparation & pre-shift documentation
- Data recording incl. pre-labeling
- Daily statistics & documentation (shift protocols)
- Data Handling (meta-information, measurement data)
- Project management (process, plan, risk, human resources, etc.)
- Technical Hotline 24/7

Equipment and Car Logistics

- Vehicle transport (time and cost optimized according to project plan)
- Import / export, customs clearance including required documents
- On-site support for regulatory requirements, permits and approvals
- Spare parts logistics
- Vehicle return transport after the end of the test drives

Labeling and Sensor Data Collection

Special Approvals

For ADAS data collection and import of vehicles equipped with this system, legally export data in some countries it is necessary to obtain special permits. GlobCom Company, with an experience in over 58 countries, can provide the necessary assistance to obtain those authorizations

Professional Test Drivers

Conducting test drives and collecting data in other countries. Individual countries can also be commissioned
- Collection of data on given km of power per country
- City, country and highway trips according to distribution key
- Copy the recorded data from vehicle data carrier to transport data carrier
- coordination with data logistics partner regarding transfer of empty / full data carriers

Data Logistics and Data Transfer

- Logistics process of data carriers between data center and vehicle location and back (logistics loop)
- Optimization suggestions regarding time and costs according to planned processes
- Import / export, customs clearance on/off side including required documents
- Reporting and documentation

Global Expertise

We have provided services in more than 58 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Republic of Moldova, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Argentine, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, USA, Canada, UAE, South Africa and Israel.


Business Travel and Travel Support 24/7

GlobCom’s Travel Agency provide a global travel management service which spans Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia.Travel Agency is financially secure, hold an ATOL licence, and are fully bonded members of IATA.

- Support Hotline 24/7
- Dedicated team of 23+ agents for GlobCom Company;
- Strategic cooperation ensures best prices for our customers;
- Prepaid Services – No more charges from your employees.
- Wide experience in business travel.
- High Flexibility.
- Price tracking technology.
- Ticketing system.